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Série Tarzan (Ron Ely) (1966) - Saison 1 TV en Streaming vf

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Serie Streaming Tarzan (Ron Ely) (1966) – Saison 1 episode

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Tarzan (Ron Ely) (1966) – Saison 1
Serie Tarzan (Ron Ely) (1966) – Saison 1 episode en streaming Tarzan (Ron Ely) (1966) en streaming Edgar Rice Burroughs' famous "Tarzan" character came to television in the person of Ron Ely, the 14th actor to play the role since Tarzan of the Apes had been first made as a silent movie almost half a century before. CBS aired the reruns of the NBC series during the summer of 1969, and some episodes were strung together and actually shown in theatres as feature length films. Tarzan info for the 1967-68 season Tarzan was on Fridays nights from 7:30-8:30 Eastern time for the 67-68 TV season. The next show on Friday nights after Tarzan . . . Star Trek. Tarzan's time Friday slot competition was the Wild Wild West on CBS and Off to See the Wizard on ABC.
Serie : Tarzan (Ron Ely) (1966) – Saison 1
Annee: 1967
Acteurs: Alan Caillou, Manuel Padilla Jr., Rockne Tarkington, Ron Ely,
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