• The Bad Man

    The Bad Man

    0.01h 46m2018dvdrip

    A young couple, Mary and PJ, are kidnapped in their own home by a sadistic clown who wants to break their...

    Genre: Drama, Horror ...

  • 7:02 Only the Righteous

    7:02 Only the Righteous

    0.01h 14m2018dvdrip

    The party was supposed to start at 7:02 pm. It was election night 2008. The first African- American President...

    Genre: Horror

  • Thriller


    0.01h 27m2018dvdrip

    Years after a childhood prank goes horribly wrong, a clique of South Central LA teens find themselves...

    Genre: Horror

  • The Pining

    The Pining

    0.01h 13m2019dvdrip

    When members of Joe's therapy group start dying under mysterious circumstances, Detective Harris (Jackie...

    Genre: Horror, Mystery ...

  • The Bad Seed

    The Bad Seed

    0.01h 24m2018dvdrip

    A widower suspects that his seemingly perfect adolescent daughter is a heartless killer.

    Genre: Drama, Horror ...

  • Mother Krampus

    Mother Krampus

    0.01h 30m2017dvdrip

    Based on the myth of Frau Perchta, a witch that comes on the 12 days of Christmas taking children each...

    Genre: Horror

  • Mother Krampus 2: Slay Ride

    Mother Krampus 2: Slay Ride

    0.01h 35m2018dvdrip

    It's Christmas time in Cleveland, Ohio and four young ladies are on the verge of completing their mandatory...

    Genre: Horror

  • Companion


    0.01h 46m2021dvdrip

    In 2030, society fell as malicious entities appeared around the world. The survivors must fight each...

    Genre: Horror

  • The Satanic Nun

    The Satanic Nun

    0.01h 22m2018dvdrip

    Based on true events. Aesha goes to an isolated b&b in Kent after her mom books her in so she can get...

    Genre: Horror

  • Hell of a Night

    Hell of a Night

    0.01h 24m2019dvdrip

    After moving to a new town, a young college student retreats to the country for a weekend of solace when...

    Genre: Horror, Thriller ...

  • Soulmate


    0.01h 44m2013dvdrip

    A widow retreats to a remote cottage to recover from a suicide attempt, only to discover the place is...

    Genre: Horror, Mystery ...

  • Familiars


    0.01h 31m2021dvdrip

    Emma's anxiety disorder has been exacerbated by the unsolved murder of her twin sister, Sarah. In the...

    Genre: Horror

  • C.O.R.N.


    0.01h 42m2021dvdrip

    Stranded in a rural area, 2 teens make friends with locals on Halloween but soon run into a cult called...

    Genre: Horror

  • The 6th Friend

    The 6th Friend

    0.01h 25m2016dvdrip

    Six college best friends throw their own private graduation party that goes terribly wrong when an uninvited...

    Genre: Horror

  • Tooth Fairy

    Tooth Fairy

    0.01h 26m2019dvdrip

    Nana starts to tell the legend of the evil tooth fairy who rips out teeth. Carla is sick of her crazy...

    Genre: Horror, Thriller ...

  • Room for Rent

    Room for Rent

    0.01h 21m2019dvdrip

    Lonely widow Joyce rents out a room in her house and becomes dangerously obsessed with one of her guests.

    Genre: Horror, Thriller ...

  • Creep Nation

    Creep Nation

    0.01h 25m2019dvdrip

    A young woman is stalked by a dark web network after booking a weekend rental unit online. Her every...

    Genre: Horror, Thriller ...

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